Extensive VC is a powerful WordPress tool which allows you to add unique, flexible and fully responsive shortcode elements on your site. It is an addon for premium plugin WPBakery page builder Visual Composer, so first you need to install/activate this required plugin to be able to use Extensive VC plugin. 


The Idea of plugin is to share my experience and knowledge about programming WordPress themes and plugins so other programmers can use some part of code to solve their problems, or to see a different way that I solved the same problems. One smart guy told me that: “WordPress is free! If you’re earning from the WordPress please take some time to share your knowledge so that others can also live well from it, and make the WordPress community larger and better.”. I hope that I am contributing to this community at least a bit.


I tried to create a dynamic and flexible plugin which allows you to easily add new shortcodes, custom post types, options or 3rd party features, and I think I success with that. Inside Developers page on the site, you will be able to check all hooks, functions, classes and all other elements which allow you to manipulating the plugin the way you want. In the future the dependency of my time plugin will have a lot of shortcodes and functionalities which you can use for your sites.

Below you can see screenshots of how plugin looks and which options you have at this moment:

1. Extensive VC – Admin Panel

2. Extensive VC – Admin Welcome Page

3. Extensive VC – Admin Settings

4. Extensive VC – Admin Testimonials Panel

5. Extensive VC – Admin Testimonials Items

6. Extensive VC – Admin Testimonials Item Options

7. Extensive VC – Admin Clients Panel

8. Extensive VC – Admin Clients Items

9. Extensive VC – Admin Clients Item Options

10. Extensive VC – Admin Shortcodes Panel

Plugin contains four packs of shortcodes:

  • Typography pack – set of shortcodes for text modification and unique variations of text layouts
  • Classic pack – set of shortcodes for standard site content usage
  • Interactive pack – set of shortcodes for site with interactions and dynamic page content
  • Infographic pack – set of shortcodes for site content where graphs and charts are important