Infographic > Doughnut Chart


Doughnut Chart element is the one of shortcodes from the Infographic shortcode pack. It’s WordPress addon for premium WordPress plugin WPBakery page builder Visual Composer. Below you can see all variations of this shortcode with all admin options and functionalities.


– Custom CSS Class

Style particular content element differently – add a class name and refer to it in custom CSS

– Canvas Width (px)

Fill canvas width size, default value is 260

– Canvas Height (px)

Fill canvas height size, default value is 260

– Canvas Space

Fill space between items, default value is 2

– Canvas Space Color

Default value is #fff

– Canvas Space Hover Color

Default value is #efefef

– Enable Legend ( yes/no )
– Legend Position
  • Top
  • Right
  • Bottom
  • Left
– Legend Text Size (px)
– Legend Color
– Label
– Value
– Color